My Fairy Tale Prom (Sydney)

Sydney McClenningham, the beautiful, outgoing teen from South Pointe High, got an last-minute phone call saying that she won My Fairy Tale Prom! She was ecstatic and jumped into the role as a winner right away! She stated, " When I received the phone call saying that I won I couldn't believe it!"

This teens family came out to support her is the masses as her stretch Hummber Limo whisked her around town! Sydney said, "I felt like the most important person ever...everything was so nice and it was one of the happiest days of my life!" Sydney started her day off at Studio Gray as she was sat quietly as her stylist Kimberly Gray went to work and sculpturing her hair into a masterpiece. Her hotel suite at Wingate was decorated and ready for Sydney to get worked over by the fierce makeup artist Breana aka Breezy! Prom is a day that Sydney will never forget! You can see her whole journey on youtube after the summer break on the PIE Group, LLC Channel.