My Fairy Tale Prom (Waleska)

Waleska Nolasco, one of the winners from My Fairy Tale Prom, woke up early in the morning with her onesy pajamas on to get ready for the prom. Her hairstlyist Lady Dye started her morning off with ringlets that would fall into nice full curls once the humidity had its way with it. Breana aka Breezy, the makeup artist was up next...transforming her into a shear Goddess!

Waleska adorned her body with a eggnog colored, tight-fitting designer dress by Christina Chambers! She was absolutely stunning when she was fully dressed!!! Waleska and her prom date Caleb hit the prom scene for Chester High School with force! We asked Waleska how did she feel once she was dress and she stated, "Like a star!" Her journey to the prom will air on youtube very soon! Subscribe to the PIE Group, LLC Channel to watch Waleska and Caleb sizzle scene!